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It's time to rethink fulfilment

The ecommerce market is one of the fastest growing in the world. Given the hyperbole in that statement, it really doesn’t take much research to begin finding the staggering growth that the online retail marketplace has been witnessing over the years. Currently, according to the Statista report published in February of this year, the worth of the entire ecommerce sector sits at an estimated $3.5trillion, and is expected to continue its growth to an eventual $4.5trillion. 

Last year, the 2018 Global eCommerce Study revealed that 56% of consumers felt disappointed by their online purchases over the Christmas period. During this essential time for all retailers, having this amount of disappointment can be fatal, especially when looking into the nuts and bolts of it reveals that having reliable and effective fulfilment would plug this gap. 

One thing that will always remain utterly essential for any online seller is their customer happiness. The Statista report also revealed an international average of 57% of consumers looking beyond their countries borders for their products, which begins to reveal how the international market becomes a double-edged sword for anyone who can’t keep up. You will have access to a nearly bottomless well of customers, but you won’t be able to sell or retain any of them effectively by offering reliable and prompt postage of items, and that is not an ideal scenario. 

If you haven’t ever considered using fulfilment for your ecommerce business, it really should be something you investigate, and be sure to do diligent research. You will find an abundance of fulfillment businesses out there, but none quite like Huboo, exhibitors, speakers, and masterclass leaders this year at the White Label World Expo. Huboo allow for same pricing across multiple sales channels, making them a no brainer for any budding and growing ecommerce business either keen to get some stress removed from their life or to investigate avenues of business growth.

One such seller, OJewel, is a sole eBay and Shopify trader who made the switch to Huboo. Since they did this, the business hasn’t just grown, but become a more manageable and balanced enterprise. Not only has a fulfilment management system allowed for ease of mind and less work stress, it has freed up time to focus on developing the bespoke business even further. Huboo has a history of helping business grow by 30% when they join the community, and this is a perfect example of how effective fulfilment can be. 

Customer satisfaction is essential, and neglecting to nurture your reputation as a reliable seller can be a nail in the proverbial coffin. Not only this, but maintaining your own workload whilst giving yourself the best chance to balance life, work, and growth, can be a game changer for businesses. You need to be considering fulfilment as an essential for you, and Huboo are the best, and cheapest, place to start.