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Latest News in the Amazon World

Being the most used platform by independent sellers and big brands, Amazon is constantly updating, with news coming daily. It has been a busy week in the world of Amazon, so here are the key marketplace updates you need to be aware of:

Amazon pass cost of French 3% digital tax on to their merchants

The so called GAFA tax (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) was supposed to apply to the largest online companies but the French have just discovered it’s the small businesses who are to be hit in the pocket.

Amazon France have just emailed all their sellers to tell them that they aren’t paying the 3% digital tax themselves. Amazon are passing the digital tax on to all the small businesses that sell through their site.

This may well not just impact the 10,000 or so French sellers who trade on the Amazon marketplace in France. It could also impact merchants in other European countries who trade on Amazon France. (read more)

Introducing Amazon 7-Day Deals

Amazon run many deals programs, the best known of which are of course the Prime Day Deals, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and Lightning Deals.

Now, Amazon 7-Day Deals are available to Amazon sellers based on their performance criteria and product qualification. Naturally Amazon 7-Day deals will be featured on the Amazon Deals page. (read more including how to set up 7-Day deals here)

Amazon Top Brand badge on US Fashion listings

The Amazon Top Brand testing has been spotted for known brands such as Speedo, New Balance, Under Armour and Fruit of the Loom. The algorithm to attain being an Amazon Top Brand is unknown, but it’s not something that can be bought. It will only be available for household name brands as a way to differentiate themselves and so is not a part of Amazon Advertising. (read more here)

Amazon VAT Calculation Service increases chance of winning the buy box

If you are enrolled in the Amazon Business program, so that your products on Amazon are offered to businesses, you can increase your chances of winning the Buy Box for business customers by activating the free Amazon VAT Calculation Service. (read more here)

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