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The Social Way to a Better Business Day

Once you’ve set up your business and decided on your products, it’s time to start promoting your brand on social media. With the number of users constantly increasing, social media is an excellent tool for building brand awareness, creating website traffic and boosting sales.

If dogs can get a social media following, then so can you

Before you think about sales tactics, it is important to build a strong following. Posting about topics that resonate with your audience will create a loyal following of users likely to be interested in purchasing your products.

Having good customer service across your social media platforms is also invaluable. People’s perceptions of a brand often change after chatting to them or seeing their interactions with other customers. Most importantly, however, never leave complaints unanswered.

Once you’ve built up a strong social media presence, it’s time to think about strategy…


In simple terms, ads target people that have already paid a visit to your website. This method is highly effective, as it encourages your customers to finalise their purchase or take an action to move further down the funnel, like subscribing to your newsletter.

Live Video

Live video has become a crucial social media strategy, as users enjoy the immediacy and engagement live videos provide. They’re authentic, provide an unscripted look into your brand, and therefore make it easier to relate to.

Split Testing

Testing with two different variants can help you determine if slight changes to your post-click landing page could improve your sales. Isolate a few components to be sure to know which ones are resulting in the desired outcome. Usually, around two weeks of testing is needed in order to generate significant results.

Influencer Marketing

Reportedly, 92% of today's consumers are more likely to trust the recommendations from unknown individuals rather than brands. They’re therefore looking to influencers, other social media users, and customer reviews to help them make a decision. Partnering up with someone who truly loves your brand and produces authentic and believable content will be trusted by your target audience, enticing them to make a purchase.

Since more and more E-commerce companies are emerging, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the noise they are creating on social media. However, putting in the effort and fully embracing social platforms will pay off when you notice the awareness of your company widening and your revenue increasing.