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LAS VEGAS | 26 & 27 FEB 2020 LVCC USA
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Dee Blick: Speaking at the White Label Expo

Dee Blick

Marketing your Online Product Offline. Why Bother? And How? 5 Marketing Tactics to Build Loyalty

Dee will share how a business benefits from taking a fully rounded view of their marketing. One that encompasses traditional channels; one that moves a cold prospect from awareness to action and finally to becoming a raving fan. Taking an ‘online marketing only’ view to your online product can sell you short especially if you’re aiming to build a magnetic brand that customers want to positively align with and talk about beyond their purchase. Let Dee show you the power of traditional marketing when it meets the online world.

About Dee Blick

Dee is an international bestselling marketing author of 4 multi award winning #1 bestsellers including The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book which was translated into Chinese after Dee was offered a publishing deal by CITIC publishing in Beijing. Readers describe her books as practical, logical, inspiring and easy to follow.
Dee is also a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Marketing with 36 years’ hands on marketing experience. She’s generated £12million+ sales marketing products and services. Dee works with businesses that sell their products online and offline; some own brands, some white label. Dee knows from experience that online businesses benefit from embracing a number of relevant marketing channels if they’re aiming for repeat purchase customers and a magnetic brand. An energetic, unscripted speaker, Dee has been the headline speaker for many brands including The Business Show, CIM, The British Franchise Association, The Royal Mail and DPD (she doesn’t do Power Point!) Dee is also a co-founder of The Export Hub.