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1K Kimya Corporation develops and produces original and innovative cleaning products and brought it together to consumers under the HighGenic Brand. Since its establishment in 2010, it has showed a leading entrepreneur in the sector with its brand that has been pioneered by millions in a short time.

1K Kimya Corporation follows the "Smart Cleaning" and "Cleaning Doctor" mottos as the main guide during designing multi-functional, new and different products that make cleaning easy and enjoyable. As a trendsetter in the sector, we invent the following products for the first time in Turkey such as Multi-Functional Cleaner with Silicone, Sirkelim Vegan Cleaning Vinegar, Active Foam Series, Professional Stain Removers. One of our renowned product, Multi-Functional Cleaner with Silicone has been selected as the Most Innovative Cleaning Product of the year.

Our products, which are produced in 14,000 sqm fully equipped factory with high-tech automation systems, are currently being sold at more than 25,000 sub-points in 81 provinces and are currently available in discount markets, national and local chain markets. Our company is also taking firm steps forward export market. We are expanding our export market by working with local distributors in more than 23 countries.

Chemist Sevginar Bastekin, who is the Founding Partner and Chairwoman of the Board of Directors has been selected as the Women Entrepreneur of Turkey in 2017.

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