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AB BIO is a biotechnology company located at Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, New York. We have 10+ years of research and development experience in developing natural skincare and healthcare products. Our scientific approach applies the power of nature to enable body to regenerate healthy cells thus regaining healthy skin and body. Derived from the fields of science and medicine, AB BIO's natural skin and health care products have been formulated to shed away years in appearance and relieve inflammation-related pain, swelling, and slow healing rate in the natural health care field. Both our organic skin care and health care products are designed to boost lymphatic drainage, increase circulation, and healthy nutrient influx to the site. The complex approach radically improves skin condition to youthful and healthy glowing within days. In healthcare detox drink provides GI, liver, kidney and blood detoxification. Our natural creams relieve arthritis, joint, and muscle pain within minutes. AB BIO products boost natural, healthy regeneration, similar to one, which happens when you accidentally cut your finger preparing a dinner. We can not consciously heal. The body heals the wound by natural cell regeneration. Our products accelerate the natural healing and regenerative processes.

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