Arsan Kimya

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Founded in 1999, our company is proud to have become a trusted and sought-after brand in the sector today. Arsan Kimya offers, under the brand Ultra Compact, beginning with wet wipes, personal care products, cotton products, acetone, household cleaning products, room sprays and superior quality products to the global market with a wide
range of offers.

Arsan Kimya has taken its well-deserved place among the leading manufacturers decisively developing and leading the sector in wet wipes production with the product investment of 183 million units capacity as of 2015. Arsan Kimya, one of the largest wet wipes manufacturers in the Turkish sector today, has combined the basic principles of institutionalization with the values of a family company, and has absorbed the experience and values it has received from the past in terms of management with a modern understanding. With this awareness, we are acting more professional, more institutive, more innovative and more visionary. With this point of view, we are
structuring the management staff with a modern understanding and building the foundations of institutionalization on the unique accumulation of the past and which we all know closely.

Our company, which has a wide market access and logistics network to 129 countries on 5 continents, closely follows the developments in the market. Without compromising brand reliability, it offers high value-added product varieties to the global market.

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