BidX - Master Amazon Ads

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BidX supports Amazon sellers to grow and scale their business by automating ads on and off Amazon with their software. The management platform offers automated workflows for tasks which have been completed manually before. Thus saves customers one day every week due to automated campaign setup and bid, budget and keyword optimization. With these continuous adjustments customers receive a 30% higher return on every dollar they spend.
Besides the basic features BidX also offers the opportunity to schedule ads, to avoid unnecessary costs and keep efficiency as high as possible. The tool simplifies the workflow needed for profitable Amazon Advertising, giving Amazon sellers the time to focus on their core business. But BidX is not just an algorithm - behind the tool is a competent team of Amazon experts, who are happy to support each customer to achieve the best results possible.

Over 2,000 international sellers and agencies from 42 countries are relying on BidX to manage more than $250M ad spend. Scale and grow your business easily to outpace your competition!