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BonAyu’s mouth-dissolving strips give you the extra oomph that your body needs. No more dealing with tablets or needles that take hours to have an effect when you have a strip that does the job in minutes! No water, now swallowing, and it tastes fantastic. It’s time to experience the STRIP-TRIP with BonAyu! More Dose per strip Technology. MOUTH-DISSOLVING STRIPS: Mouth-dissolving strips are fast-dissolving thin strips packed with a dosage of vitamins & minerals. Direct absorption, no toxicity, increased bioavailability suitable for geriatric and pediatrics. BonAyu has won many awards & recognition – Winner of the Startup India Award in the healthcare category 2020, Top Innovator Award 2019 in the healthcare sector in Global Bio 2019, Winner of Biotechnology Ignition Grant – India Gov’t BIRAC 2017. Since we started in 2016, we have developed numerous products and engaged in considerable research on making items that are easy to consume and convenient to carry, along with having 4x more power. The company’s novel, innovative, and globally patented manufacturing platform has successfully transformed the delivery of health supplements to improve effectiveness and ease of use. BonAyu’s products are ethical, goal-oriented, and created utilizing components of the highest quality. Categories Sports: Caffeine Energy Strips:200mg/strip, 100mg/strip, 50mg/Strip Vitamins: Vitamin D(4000IU) , Vitamin C , Vitamin B12 Probiotic Films : 1bn CFU / Strips Kids Nutrition: Cocoa based Strips for Kids Stress and Sleep : Ashwanagandha Strips 175mg/ Strip Immunity: Curcumin Strips 175mg/ Strip Anti Hangover Strips Skin: Glutathione Strips 175mg/Strip Liver: Glutathione Strips 175mg Strip And Many more Topical patches/ Strips and Topical Dissolvable Strips/Patches Topical patches deliver Actives onto the skin for cosmetic applications. E;g Vitamin Patches: Glutathione Patch (250mg Glutathione), Vitamin C Patch (100mg Vitamin C) Dissolvable and Transparent Acne Patches (Salicylic acid), Key Features: targeted application More Dose compared to any other patches) self-adhesive just wash off (Dissolves in water) eco friendly And then an example of topical patches are glutathione 500mg patches and collagen patch. The pictures must be in the same pixel as asked in the email. I think that’s it. So just a 5-minute job. The pictures we shall share are also three: 1. Consumption image as attached( 3 small images) 2. Topical patch( images attached- need to made in three steps like above image of mouth dissolving strips) 3. Teeth whitening - image attached Only they need to be exact dimensions as asked by the white labelling lady.

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