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We specialise in developing branded, white label apps in order for businesses with large user bases, whether that's employees or customers, to be able to offer said users discounts at 1000s of businesses up and down the country. This means that anytime one of your users spends at these businesses they receive a discount, associated with your brand.

What's great about this is not only do you get the positive brand association with your organisation being seen as getting them these discounts but you can also put any of your own products and services front and centre of the app meaning you can also generate extra sales for your organisation.

The best bit is we operate on a partnership bases whereby we split revenue generated, so not only do you get the positive association but also extra revenue.

Your users will enjoy collecting free cashback at locations all around the world, and thousands of online stores when they simply pay with their registered bank card and you will be able to put your own products front and centre, generate positive brand associations and receive extra revenue.