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Beconfident® is an innovative company that specializes in offering problem solving oral care products. We want to help people feel good and become more confident with a fresh breath, whiter smile and a healthy oral care. We have a complete range of oral care products - everything from innovative multifunctional toothpastes to effective and safe home teeth whitening. All our products are designed, developed and manufactured in our new facility in south of Sweden. - ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified. The existing Beconfident products are

  • Pharmacy approved

  • Safety assessed

  • Clinically tested

  • Based on natural ingredients

  • Registered on the UKCP &  EU cosmetic products portal

  • Medical class 1 products are registered at Swedish Medical Agency

  • Clean room ISO klass 8

  • Following cGMP / ISO 22716

  • Beconfident® is a registered brand in EU, USA and Asia.

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