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Hemp House has begun its journey to providing excellent organic products to the market. We are seeing more and more people each day make the change to a natural way of life. Here at Hemp House, we focus on providing you with a variety of Hemp and CBD-derived products to suit the way you would like to supplement and make the most out of this incredibly versatile plant.

This organisation was created with an eco focus. Hemp can solve a lot of the world’s ecological issues which is why Hemp House has chosen to make all our postage biodegradable, our tubs for capsules can be recycled into clothing and our face masks biodegrade too. We want to supply as many uses of hemp as we can, all under one roof. We will continue to expand our range as we and the industry grows.

These plants grow in four months, their uses can last a lifetime! We aim to make the most of this resourceful plant, the history shows we have used it for over 10,000 years. Now we have the knowledge to really understand the plant for all its cannabinoids, we can really move on in an educated approach towards discovering more about what this plant has to offer.

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