Imperial Jade

Stand Number: WL2070

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Imperial Jade is fuelled by a sincere passion for coffee combined with a long-held fascination in the raw mystique of China’s natural world.

We are a single-origin coffee specialist partnering with farms in the rural Chinese province of Yunnan, spotlighting the ancient crafts of the indigenous farmers who have worked this breathtakingly beautiful land for thousands of years.

Through high quality products and an educative approach towards marketing, our aim is to inspire our customers to embrace their natural harmony and consider their role within the wider, natural world. We are taking the responsibility into our own hands to keep sustainable living within reach of our customers at all times.

Imperial Jade currently has two exquisite coffees available: Jizu and Fuxian Roast. Named after geological features in Yunnan, both roasts display the unique flavour characteristics that distinguish our Yunnan coffee.

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