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We are focused on helping new business grow alongside JM. By keeping our minimum order quantities low, we actively encourage start-ups to invest in these industries and accelerate innovation within the space. Innovation is at the heart of manufacturing; therefore, we have invested significantly in our research and development capabilities. Our R&D team consistently take on new challenges to innovate new products and methods of production. Our wide range of products coupled with the infrastructure of our wholesale platform allows us to provide our clients with a “One-Stop-Shop.” From bespoke formulations, branding and label design to marketing and distribution; our clients have a huge advantage when sourcing unique products that fit their brand and pushing those amazing products on our distribution network. Our White Label service has seen a massive increase of interest over the last year. To meet this demand, we are reinvesting in our manufacturing capabilities by adding a new clean room to our existing infrastructure. By adding this clean room, we will be able to increase production by an estimated 500%. This will have a knock-on effect for our R&D team as part of the investment is allocated for cutting edge equipment allowing us to increase our product development. We are excited to continue expanding our knowledge and pushing the industry into new bounds; whilst also providing our expertise in the space to our existing and new customers alike.

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