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Koruma Group has started with the production of pesticides and chemical raw materials in 1949. Besides that Koruma is the first company in Turkey that has presented bottled Bleach on the shelves in 1963.According to the needs of the country in years, Koruma Group has turned on two more facilities and established a business on 3 strategic places as Kocaeli, Hatay and Denizli. With over a family more than 1.300 enthusiastic people. We produce raw materials, plastic packing and semi-finished products in house. Koruma Temizlik A.S. is now trading with chain supermarkets in the local market as well as in the EU. Currently we have 42 squ with our portfolio with our own brands and more than 1.000 private labels in order to cooperate with more than 40 countries. Thus, we believe and know that we have the quality with competitive prices in order you to compete in global markets.

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