Medoffice Saglik Endüstri Anonim Sirketi

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As Medoffice, our main goal with the preventive care products we produce is intensive care patients. We have a range of conceptual products for the entire body care of the patients. Thanks to our new patented product, we brought an innovative solution to the Lice treatment. The product has a different mechanism of action than conventional methods and offering much more comfortable treatment. A unique process demonstrates extraordinary results: our innovative development process is supported by direct feedback and research. We ask questions, we observe and listen. We also use associations with a number of academic institutions to conduct field tests and improve clinical data. We use all these information to make sure that we produce solutions which deliver the exceptional results. We are offering the most competitive price to the distributors, clinics, University hospitals, pharmacies, manufacturers and other licensed distributors. Medoffice manufactures high quality products, GMP compliant and ISO factories, CE standards, owns the quality management system certificates ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 22716GMP and ISO 9001. Medoffice products are made from the first quality raw materials and provides the best quality and services to all the clients.

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