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At odd balm, we have created our own recyclable lip balms that are packed with powerful, organic, and unique ingredients like nootropics and CBD that enhance the health of both your lips and your mind… and are outrageously good.

In the winter of 2020, despite the ever-tightening covid restrictions, we set off with the hopes of turning our dream of a french ski season into a reality. With our suitcases packed, our skis waxed and the car full to the brim, we drove south from Liverpool to Dover. After 6 hours in the car, at 12:15 am, we arrived at the French border control and waited while they analysed our documents. The waiting was finally brought to an end by the flashing lights of border security and a long, miserable journey back up north stared us directly in the face. Our visions of untouched powder and bluebird days in the french alps were soon nothing more than a fairy tale.

Upon returning home, we no longer felt defeated. We realised that this impromptu change of plan presented us with a rare opportunity; a period of three months, entirely uninterrupted. This created space for what we made into a boot camp to create a company that embodied our fundamental mission; to improve both people's well-being and the well-being of the environment.

And with that, odd balm was born.

Over the next few months, we worked tirelessly on odd balm. After more than 800 different tests and many prototypes, we created a business plan and released our first lip balm, the “Calm Butter.”

A lip balm that is recyclable, organic, full of nootropics, flavoured with essential oils, and infused with CBD.

Today, odd balm has several unique and delicious flavours of lip balms that are packed with powerful ingredients to support the health of your lips and your mind. In less than one year, odd balm manufacturing is rapidly expanding and can accommodate orders of 10,000 units per month. As odd balm continues to grow we continue to embody our mission in every decision we make which has laid the foundation that has allowed odd balm to be loved by every set of lips that it meets.

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