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Established in 2020, Okomi realised that as a whole we were not ready for any type of attack to our immune systems and we just cannot get everything we need simply from food due to over farming.

So why not get that little help and an extra boost from a food supplement!? We have been working with our suppliers for months to get the best formulations, highest and most premium quality products and affordable luxury packaging to help our valued customers glow in the way nature intended. We are not here to reinvent the wheel but we want to make sure that on our part we are giving you the best no nonsense products on the market.

Both our product and packaging are sourced locally in the UK meaning we have a reduced carbon footprint and every worker in our supply chain is paid fairly in accordance with UK law. Our packaging is reusable and recyclable too!

We here at Okomi Market are not just an online store but a worldwide family. We aim to bring you products, facts and content and eventually open up opportunities so we can grow and glow as a community together.

We are still very small but hope that you join us on this wild ride we are embarking on!

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