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The Organyc® brand is the only brand of feminine care products (liners, pads, tampons) and adult care products (light incontinence pads and protective underwear) to offer consumers Clinically-Proven Protection. Organyc® brand products are made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton inside and out. The brand promises women they can Expect Respect®; respect for their bodies, respect for their sensitive skin and respect for the earth on which we all live. Organyc® is sold in 56 countries around the world, and in 50,000 stores including Walgreens, CVS, Rossmann, Rimi, DM, Super-Pharm, Boots, Carrefour, and many independent shops. Organyc® is manufactured and marketed by Corman, S.p.A., a 75-year-old second-generation family company based in Milan, Italy. Corman is the world’s leader in the crafting of cotton into disposable and sustainable consumer products. Corman holds multiple patents that ensure that organic cotton products offer unsurpassed protection and absorbency and provide consumers with efficacy against skin irritation. Corman manufacturers using solar, geothermal, and natural energy and works in conjunction with Plastics for Change (www.plasticsforchange.org) to repair the planet from plastic abuse.

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