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We began developing sustainable, plant-based health products here in Iceland over 20 years ago. Inspired by science and new technologies, our team of food and pharma professionals concentrated their efforts on Astaxanthin from microalgae and Archangelica.

The combination of these natural superfoods with Iceland’s pristine environment and sustainable energy resources is at the heart of our success. That, and our scientific approach to channelling the benefits they offer.

Our inspired range is the choice of dietary health businesses around the world. And the purity and provenance of our products are key selling points for many of our customers’ customers.

Private-label or finished products are among the tailored solutions we can offer your business. Our team will work to meet your specific requirements in terms of product composition and quantities.
We can supply capsules in bulk, and in consumer-ready packaging with your own label. Just tell us what you need. As a vertically-integrated company, we can also support you with raw materials.