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Surffy is our global SaaS platform providing virtual queuing management through NetFUNNEL.

NetFUNNEL creates a cloud infrastructure designed to temporarily offload incoming traffic to your website or mobile app, and it provides options to customize and integrate an online queue system. In overload situations end-users are offloaded to the waiting room and throttled back to your site or app on a first-come, first-served basis.

You can monitor your service in real-time and easily control the total inflow to prevent server issues. NetFUNNEL is a scalable and cloud-based Virtual Waiting Room service in real-time. Virtual waiting room makes the process as fair, transparent and pain free as possible while guaranteeing 100% website uptime.

NetFUNNEL's goal is to help businesses save unnecessary cloud computing resources, saving IT infrastructure cost.

We are currently servicing 300+ organizations in South Korea covering the public, banking, education, retail sectors and is the APAC #1 virtual waiting room solution.

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